5 Best Smart Compass Apps For Android And iPhone

Compass is a very important gadget and is being used all over the World since centuries. The job of compass is very simple, but it provides very important information that is direction.

Let the best Android compass apps help guide you to your desired destination particularly when treading on unfamiliar territory. This navigational marvel has indeed advanced significantly since its humble inception throughout the Chinese Han Dynasty. The compass now sports an online twist and can be found smiling back to you from your Android-powered smartphone or tablet at the hour of need. We have jotted down some of the top geographic directional tools that will get you out of tight spots.

Super Compass

5 Best Smart Compass Apps For Android And iPhone

5 Best Smart Compass Apps For Android And iPhone

Getting yourself lost in the wilderness or even the concrete jungle of a metropolis could be a difficult task to accomplish, but once you have a trusty compass with you, navigation should never be a problem. Super Compass is an Android application that lets users accurately find their bearings. Staying in keeping with its name, the app provides adventurers with an accurate compass, as well as a handy little homescreen widget for simple access and reference.

Users may even customize their compass with their own selection of styles and backgrounds. They can change the app’s appearance, such as its backdrop, skin, and just about everything if the very same appearance starts to become boring. The app will always display the true north or magnetic north, GPS location of the area, status, and address when you travel around. These features, however, are only available depending on your connectivity.

Smart Compass Pro

Smart Compass Pro is another Android compass application that hosts features just like a camera view and a metal detector. Rather than having a simple compass that only pinpoints the main and secondary directions, Smart Compass, on the other hand, employs some interesting enhancements that adventurers will certainly love. For example, the app could be laid out in portrait and landscape mode, and its bearing will always pinpoint North.

The developer also added some additional features like a metal detector to ensure magnetic sensors, a vertical lensatic compass, military coordinates, as well as other coordinate types. The app may also send GPS data to SMS or email if you want to share your location.

Compass PRO

Perfect for the adventurer and also the trekker, Compass PRO is the only digital compass that you will ever need when going out on those crazy adventures. Compass Pro is noted as one of the powerful compass applications available on the market because it incorporates a rotating bezel and shows users the direction from the four compass points. There is also a degree slide window to understand your current position more accurately. The app includes a steep learning curve but when you master it, you’ll be amazed at how powerful the application is.

In order for it to work correctly, you need to point the red rubber line in the path you desire and place your phone on the flat surface. As you walk, make sure that the same number remains in your screen. If the numbers change, it simply tells you that you are heading within the wrong direction. You can also navigate while using bezel which eliminates the amount figures.

AR Compass- 3D

Specifically built for the newer versions from the Android smart phones, the AR Compass supplies a complete three-dimensional experience for the user. The user gets information about location and duration of a particular destination along with the feasibility of sharing it concentrating on the same smart phone users. The marine compass also has a dual feature of being rotated automatically and manually through the user. This provides better viewing for that user whenever required.

Night Compass Pro

Night Compass Pro

However, even while so many features are equipped within the AR Compass, the fact that it has been developed for Android editions of two.2 and even newer, is its biggest disadvantage. Users of older editions from the smart phone are thus left with no viable and dependable marine compass app.

Night Compass Pro

Treading over the terrain at night just was a bit easier. Generally, avid travelers would turn to the stars in order to safely understand around when darkness falls. As well as the rest, who are caught in this situation without any particular understanding of the celestial bodies, can make reference to the Night Compass Pro app. A simple circular compass by having an arrow placed squarely in the middle of it, is displayed clearly onscreen. This amalgamation is further set upon a backdrop that’s full of a blanket of tiny stars. The app enables you to put your own spin on things that means, you can individually affect the compass and star colors to fit your taste. And if you decide to setup camp for the night, you may still rely on the same software at dawn because it works like a charm even throughout the daytime.

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