5 Most Useful Android Apps to Create Animated GIFs 2015

There are a number of sites on the Internet where you can see some of the really great GIFs.

GIFs are growing in popularity with every day. Your friend posts a silly status on Facebook, a funny trolling GIF is the perfect answer. Someone texts you about a surprising thing, a reaction GIF sums up your feelings. Animated GIFs are the best way to express your feelings in a funny, interesting way.

Android Apps to Create Animated GIFs

Android Apps to Create Animated GIFs

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is a kind of Image file that contains animation. You can see things moving around in these kinds of images, unlike an image format like JPEG and PNG which can only display a static picture. There are a number of sites on the Internet where you can see some of the really great GIFs. If that gives you inspiration and you wish to create your own GIF, the following Android apps should help you do that.

Fixie GIF Camera

This is your run of the mill gif camera that lets you record something that’s happening and then it renders it as a gif. There are some extra features like stickers and text should you need that. This is great for those gif creators who want to create only unique stuff themselves instead of creating it out of other content. It works pretty well and most people seem to like it well enough. Like others, there are bugs.


Giffer is the best app to create animated image. GIF maker app for iPhone to make different kinds of animation picture such as time lapse, reverse GIF and cinema graphs. You can share easily animated GIF to different sites. Key feature of the app like a frame duplication, 25 filters, self timer and import any GIF from the web.

Animation Camera Animated GIF

The Animation Camera Animated GIF app gives you a clutter-free interface for you to create GIFs without compromising on the number of features. With tons of features available in the app, you can create GIFs very easily and fast and share them instantly with your friends wherever they are. It supports both portrait and landscape modes for your creative creations. It utilizes both the front and the back camera of your device, so you can choose the one that is best for your shot.


This app is use to construct amazing videos, pretty images which you can instantly share with your friends. App has some new features such as infinite data upload secure your important data and video filter as well Strong privacy control is the prime element of the app.

gifboom android app

gifboom android app


Using this app you can sync different GIF image in to one image frame. Using 5Second app you can add text, recollect the frames and Customize speed. Save it in individual GIF frames. Advance sharing and cloud support as common features are available.

Gif creator

This app lets you create 30 second gifs using videos and photos from your camera roll. And it contains 10 interesting filters. The app lets you to send GIFs to your friends in one click. The main feature of the app is to show you the animations other people have made.

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