7 Best Android Apps for June 2016

Most of the android apps in our smartphone are the generic ones that most people have, and in the process we ignore other useful apps.

The latest edition of the new Android apps of the month feature we’ve found an exciting social platform made by Google (no, not that social platform), a faster method for responding to messages and possibly the best way to share and search for GIFs. Check out all the picks for the new apps you must install in June 2016 below and head further down for previous months’ additions.

Free Android Apps

Free Android Apps

Best Android Apps for June

Opera Max – Data booster

Opera Max is a new app by Opera which will save your precious data. Streaming video and music, browsing, playing connected games it all eats into your data plan. But, with Opera Max standing between your android apps and the data they need, you can cut your data usage in half with the tap of a button. This is top pick for this month.

FX File Explorer

I’ve been a user of ES File Explorer since the day I started using Android apps, but over the past few months it’s progressively gotten worse and worse. I’ve been on the hunt for a new option for a long time and recently the option I settled on was FX File Explorer. This app features a very easy to use, material design inspired UI and it also packs all of the basic features I want.

Dark Sky

Dark Sky is one of the most powerful weather apps in existence. The app offers “hyper-local” weather forecasts, which means that you get down to the minute information about exactly when you’ll need to break out the umbrella.


Tictures are a fun way to show emotion instead of traditional emojis. Share them through your favorite android apps by clicking or long click to copy and paste them wherever you please! Add your favorites to your favorite list for quick access without digging through all the Tictures. This is one of the best android apps for this month.

Android Apps for June 2016

Android Apps for June 2016

The Rock Clock

The Rock has an alarm app. It features over 25 different alarms. He could annoyingly simulate the sound of an alarm clock by saying “beep beep,” or he could just flat out call you a Jabroni and tell you to get your ass out of bed.


Poncho is a weather alarm clock. What does that mean? Every morning you wake up to music that matches the forecast. Sunny day equals cheery music. Rainy day equals dreary music. Poncho also acts as a basic weather app.


Texpand allows you to create shortcuts for your commonly used texts. Some keyboard apps have this functionality built-in, but not all of them. The magic of Texpand is it works with any keyboard app you want.

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