7 Best Android Apps to Launched In May 2016

If you have got a new phone and are struggling through the play store to find some cool and useful apps may 2016.

Innumerable separate niches have been created by android apps through innovation. One such well known and quite popular niche has been that of the free recharge android apps. What a free recharge app basically does is it provides incentives to the end-user to perform certain tasks, such as referring the free recharge app to a friend or colleague, or downloading an app listed in the free recharge app.

A free recharge app is an easy way to generate some amount of money to recharge your phone, provided you have some time to spare. People love incentives and freebies which has led to the success of free recharge android apps in the app markets.The following is a list of the top most free recharge android apps for May 2016.

Android Apps May 2016

Android Apps May 2016


Participating in brand surveys and downloading android apps is what is required to be done by the user on this free recharge app to earn free recharge and data. With a clean materialistic interface, the app has been quite successful and popular in this niche. The Pokkt free recharge app also allows the user to participate in weekly contests and win highly coveted gifts, coupons etc.


This app is aimed at sneaker collectors and those looking to unload a pair they may no longer want. While it’s entirely possible to simply sell your prized pair on services like eBay, StockX is designed just for the sale of sneakers and offers current market prices, verification on authenticity and more.

Mobile money app

Mobile money is brand new way to hunt your Favorite games and android apps directly from your Handset.its Reward you too Complete any offer that they Also provide refer and earn system.It means you can earn unlimited money using their invite freinds method.

Yahoo Esports

If you’re an Esports fan and you crave seeing live streams of the hottest competitions for League of Legends, CS GO and other top games, then Yahoo’s new dedicated Esports app is worth a try. You can watch live and recorded videos in 1080p and get access to news and highlights.

Android Apps

Android Apps

Random Flix

If you love Netflix but don’t always feel up to choosing what to watch, Random Flix will have your back and pick a random episode of whatever show you tell it to. While it might be the best option if you’re trying to catch up a particular series, it’s perfect for playing random stuff out of order on a show you may have already completed.


Eight in the list is the Mojo free recharge app which after being downloaded by the user, allows him to download certain apps, refer it to and invite friends to Mojo and also gives free gift vouchers that can be used by the user in leading mobile shopping apps. Both prepaid and postpaid payment feature of numerous service providers is available, directly from the free recharge app.


The user needs to ‘grab’ this free recharge app, verify his mobile number, get registered within seconds and wait till he is redirected to the main page. On the main page the user gets to see numerous offers which when completed will earn him free mobile recharge. Simple, effective and secure.

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