Astro Wings 3 Apk Download 1.0.0 Full Update

Astro Wings 3 apk is a great space battle game where you stand under attack all the time. There isn't any time left to rest now, just attack your enemies and get rid of them!!


Astro Wings 3 Apk Download 1.0.0 Full Update

Astro Wings 3 Apk Download 1.0.0 Full Update

Astro Wings 3 apk is the third in the series of the games which is a saga known for its vertically scrolling space battle ship. This launched after the initial two games Astro wings 1 & 2This is fierce game of warfare with bullets which shoots your adrenaline levels instantly. Upgraded version from the previous games leads to get hold of the new aircraft, weapons and other items to play havoc on the extraterrestrial enemies.


The current updated version of 1.0.0 can be downloaded from android market with price $ 0 with file size 27 M.


Astro Wings 3 apk is a great space battle game where you are under attack all the time. There is no time left to rest now, just attack your enemies and eliminate them!!

Astro wings 3 apk is a great sound effect and colorful exciting game that offers an authentic space shooter.

Astro Wings 3 Icarus puts you in the cockpit as the bold Hera, a warrior goddess leading one section in a divine clash between ancient deities and newcomer demigods. She characterizes the reappearance of Icarus, representing his desire to rule the skies, denying her enemies even one inch of airspace. As she tears through the opposition, she knows that her raw power must be surpassed only by the superiority of her razor-sharp tactical skills and her lightning-quick reaction times.


  • Mythology meets technological mayhem in this legendary space adventure! Choose from 3 classically named futuristic fighters: Athena, Ares and Poseidon 3
  • High quality FULL HD Graphics for stunning visual effects and unbelievable animations (To maintain compatibility with older devices, users can customize the game’s graphics via the options menu; gamers with newer devices should choose “High” to enjoy Astro Wings 3: Icarus at its best.)
  • Experience epic outer-space combat with a sensational soundtrack of original music composed to be the perfect audio background for airborne battle
  • Upgrade your weapons using Astro Wings 3’s innovative new upgrade system, allowing you to increase each weapon’s power chain-massive combos
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface and smoothly calibrated controls give you pick-up-and-play simplicity.
  • Astro Wings 3: Icarus is compatible with most iOS devices: download and play this universal app on your iPhone, iPod Touch,
    Astro Wings 3 Apk Download

    Astro Wings 3 Apk Download

    and iPad (Please check compatibility notes for specific requirements.)

  •  Nine stages with increasing level of difficulty
  • Many enemy types
  • Four levels of upgrades available along with six kind of weapons
  • Four levels of difficulty
  • Three modes of special time attack
  • Easy control by touch & move
  • Ranking Check: You can compete with any player from around the world


  • Operations: touch & move

Fighters can move at equal intervals with finger. Alternating the right & left hands are available, anyone can easily operate the aircraft.

  •  Product used : touch of button

You can change weapons in real time while playing the game with the touch of button only

  •  System update time: Weapons & Fighter

Effects are spectacular whenever you upgrade the weapons[/feedburner]

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