Best Android Apps for College Students

College students have to do specific tasks in their college campus and home in routine life. Here is some android apps which will help students in utilizing their time.

Android smartphones are now a days taking over Symbian in addition to Windows Phones. A number of useful and creative android apps are available these days and that’s the key reason for the immense popularity of android smart phones. You can find thousands of amazing android apps at Google Play Store. There’s also some Alternatives to Google Playstore that must definitely be tried by every android user.

Android Mobile Phones are becoming popular among people of any age. Even kids love to play games on android phones. Android apps for college students of all ages are also available free at Google Play Store. Android apps for learning kids, for college students, for teachers and android apps for college students are also there.

Best Android Apps for College Students

Best Android Apps for College Students


Evernote is a free and simple to use android application that let you make important notes on your android device. Later on you will be able to see, edit or update those notes all of your devices. You can also capture photos, create daily to-do lists, set voice reminders with this particular application. Ever note automatically sync all of your saved notes across all the devices you use, So that you can access them anytime from anywhere. It also allows you to share notes with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.


Wikipedia is really a free encyclopedia that contains more than 20 Million articles and it’s the largest souce used by students for making assignments. You will get complete information about anything on Wikipedia. Now with the help of Wikipedia app for android you can directly search articles, save with later on in offline mode and may also share with your friends.

KingSoft Office

Assignments & Presentations are the part of college life and if you are a college student then you much come with an Office app installed on your smartphone. KingSoft app for android is a best mobile office application for android users. You can make assignments, presentations, reports etc. directly from your android smartphone by using this application. It supports total 23 different file formats including DOC/DOCX/XLS/PDF/XLSX/PPT/PPT/TXT. In addition to you can also store your documents in your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts like a backup.

Smart Voice Recorder

If you get bored during long lectures and face difficulty in paying attention during class lectures then you should have Smart Voice Recorder set up in your smartphone. So that you can record the entire lectures and listen to them later on anytime. So, when you may have word by word recording of lectures it will be easy for you to clear concepts in addition to it will help you a lot during exam preparation.


Stay in touch with your friends and family by sending an immediate message, voice, or video calls. Share your preferred photos and videos. Talk as much as you would like with free voice and video calls on Skype.

Alarm Clock Extreme

Alarm Clock Extreme by Angle Labs, you are able to set your alarm so the volume increases and wake you in the right way. With Snooze Settings, users can solve math problems or hit the large snooze button so they don’t switch off the alarm. The snooze duration will decrease after every snooze. Additional features include a music alarm, random song alarm, gentle alarm volume ramp-up, math to snooze, shake to snooze, and much more.

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