Best Calendar Apps for iPhone

An efficient Calendar iPhone apps or a to-do list app can make it easy for you to organize or schedule several events on your iPhone Device.


You need to set reminders on your Apple iPhone device to meet some deadline or finish some incomplete tasks. For this you have to keep track of your daily events or scheduled tasks. An efficient Calendar iPhone apps or a to-do list app can make it easy for you to organize or schedule several events on your iPhone Device.

Best Calendar Apps for iPhone

Best Calendar Apps for iPhone

Picking up a sophisticated iPhone calendar app is necessary if you want to your smartphone to be more productive each day. Whether you are looking for a task manager or period tracker, there is an app for you in the app store. In the past few months, we have tested tens of calendar solutions for iOS. Our goal has been to find the most sophisticated, stable, and user friendly calendars for this platform.


  • View your calendar by day, week, month, or year, and still be able to view events on that day regardless of the view
  • Batch edit events
  • Agenda overview
  • Color-code events based on keywords
  • Event icons
  • Move events around like you’d move apps on your home screen
  • Compatible with all iPhone-supported calendars
  • Works in landscape and portrait modes
  • Hide hours of the day you don’t need to see
  • Custom timezone support
  • Share events via email
  • Add a location to an event (via GPS or manually)
  • Search your calendars
  • Better support for the birthdays calendar (displays age as well as birthday)
  • Set complex recurring event rules (e.g. last day of the month)
  • Supports TextExpander

List of Top Best Calendar Apps:

Hunting Calendar

This is one of the best Calendar apps with which you can keep planning your trips for hunting depending on the Sun & Moon information. For your present location or zone, best hunting times will be suggested on your display by this amazing app. You can also be able to save several trophies of you along with date, location, notes, age etc.

 Week Calendar

This is a cool calendar app which lets you to copy-paste or drag n drop events, deleting unwanted events instantly, giving color code to the individual events, to every event contacts can be linked etc.

Organizer for iPhone

This is the best among all iPhone Calendar apps which functions like a cool event organizer. Just input the events in the form of text, embed images or maps, can use emoji, create several diagrams, contacts can be feeded. OniPhone, Playing voice memos or recording is very easy now using this app.

Calvetica Calendar

This is the also the best iOS calendar App with lots of features available for iPad and iPhone. Some of the best features include Synchronizing with Google,Exchange etc and you can get a better view of all the events on iPad through continuous scrolling, iCal file can be easily shared through emails etc.

Best Calendar Apps

Best Calendar Apps

X-Calendar PRO

The best features of this Calendar app include individual events that can be easily managed, along with holiday notice a Weekday calendar is present and other calendars like Monthly calendar, Public holiday calendar are included in this app.


SaiSuke is another best Calendar app for your iPhone and iPod Touch with which managing schedules can be done very easily. You need not put efforts for re-typing previously entered titles or locations as they are automatically saved by this application. You easily Sychronize the database of SaiSuke with Google Calendar.


Its built-in weather forecast and ability to use GPS coordinates with events will make sure you are always prepared and ahead of schedule.

iPhone Calendar Apps

iPhone Calendar Apps


It gives a clean look to every piece of information that is entered and makes it easy to prioritize events, be they personal, business related, or just something that has to get done now.

Touch base

While much of your schedule is to manage your day, you no doubt have tasks that count on others being on time as well. Don’t let others drag you down into the pits of chaos: Keep them in the loop with TouchBase Calendar.This calendar comes with a built-in contact manager that allows you to text or call people you’ve attached to events from within the app.


This awesome calendar has a gorgeous interface, multiple ways to display information, and a built-in to-do list and note maker. Plus you can add stickers to events, which will brighten up even that boring business meeting you’re so dreading.

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