How to Hide Files & Folders in Your Android Smartphone

If you have a smartphone there may be several reasons you would want to hide your files. Here are several apps available on Google Play store which can hide folder and files on your android phone.

Your smartphone is your personal gadget. Your smartphone is used by family and other individuals with whom you don’t always want to share private picture, video, messages and everything. Many smartphone users of today often face this problem. which includes private photos, videos and messages that you wouldn’t want to be seen by anyone. If you own a smartphone then you might have stored some contents that you want to keep as private only. In that case it becomes necessary that you keep your contents or documents safe by hiding your folders and files on Android Phone.

Hide folder apps for android

Hide folder apps for android

Hiding folder and files on any Android phone is super easy and it takes no more than a minute. There are several apps available on Google Play store which can hide folder and files on your android phone, but as usual some of them are feature rich and some are bare bones only. So in order to save your time, we have brought to you a list of best applications that you can use to hide files, folders and videos on your Android phone.

Best Apps to Hide Files and Folders on Android Phone:

Hide It Pro

This is great and one of the best tools that you can use to hide music files, documents, pictures, videos as well as apps on your Android phones. Unlike other applications, this application hides itself too behind the audio manager application. So whenever the user opens the application, he or she can adjust the various sound options, but in order to open this app, the user need to hold the title of the application for long after which he is taken to a screen where he needs to enter the pin for opening the vault.

File Hide pro

File Hide pro is another pro app and has received good reviews as well. File Hide Pro can hide all your files including Pictures, Audios, Videos, and Folders etc and disguises itself in to tip calculator app.


Vault is another great application that is capable of hiding your videos, pictures, documents as well as your contacts and SMS from the prying eyes of others. It also have a password protection feature using which the user can easily hide all the files on his or her Smartphone. The premium version of this application also captures the photo of any person who tries to intrude in your vault.

Video Locker

This is a private app for your videos. It uses hidden media which is then encrypted using and advanced 128 AES encryption. This will ensure that there is total protection so the videos can’t be seen by anyone whatsoever even if they take your SD card. They are locked and stored in an unknown portion of your phone.

Gallery vault apps

Gallery vault apps


AppLock is mostly used by users all over the world to lock SMS, contact and logs, but it can also effectively hide your images as well as your videos too. All the user has to do is to set a pin for unlocking the locked vault where all of your private data is stored. It also offers an amazing feature of hiding its icon from the app drawer and opening when the user dials a set of code on his dial pad. This feature efficiently washes away any sign of this app installed on your device.

Gallery Vault

Gallery Vault is an application that allows the user to shift his important and private data to another safe location on the device itself which is set up by another application. We can also say that this application offers an alternate stealth mode to the use.

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