iPhone 6 with iOS 8 includes more color for 2014

We have found a fresh iOS 8 concept that works very well for an Apple 2014 smartphone, which would increase the color in addition to a new appearance tool for personalization.

It’s clear it should be the Apple iPhone 6 running iOS 8; it will make perfect logic really considering iOS 7 will probably be released to the community in September along with a new smartphone.

iPhone 6 with iOS 8 includes more color for 2014

iPhone 6 with iOS 8 includes more color for 2014

It is now considered most sure the iPhone 5S could make an appearance this year with a possibility of a low-priced iPhone too. Yesterday we talked in regards to the iPhone mini concept with iOS 8, which may be an ideal fit to create in 2014 with the iPhone 6.

Can you otherwise this could happen year of 2013 two fresh iPhones, someone to be the iPhone 5S and the budget plastic iPhone both operational with iOS 7, and 2014 might be great for the iPhone 6 as well as the iPhone mini with iOS 8 aboard. Two fresh phones for 2013 and 2 for 2014, this could ramp up Apple sales massively within the mobile sector.

The reason we’re talking concerning the iPhone 6 with iOS 8 came into being after seeing a new operating-system idea by Concept Phones courtesy of Vilim Plužaric, right now we can see new renders of this concept at last and it looks fantastic.

We’re feeling iOS 8 would be an ideal fit for your iPhone 6, the fresh OS would still keep the inners of iOS 7 however add a few new features for instance color customization and a new appearance tool. The icons will probably be simple similar to those in iOS 7 even so the color in the background would be more vibrant, the iOS 8 concept may even let 5 apps to stack up for fast unlock plus much more options within the Control Center.

Capabilities found in the iOS 8 concept comprise new brightness settings, connectivity toggles, audio playback options, more Flashlight options and even more.

What we like the most using this iOS 8 concept is that it is all probable for 2014, combined with the ability to check everything round the new homescreen prior to getting to the app is a great start for a new operating system. The icons might have dynamic 3D shadows along with employ parallax and directional light sensors.

More iOS 8 concepts are meant to show up over the next year, but this September the iOS 7 public release will need centre stage with undoubtedly the iPhone 5S.

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