Tips on how to keep screenshots of android phones without root access.

In this tutorial I’ll walk you by way of the actions to obtain screen shots on your iphone, with no accessing the root of one's iphone.

Every single time we post a set of Android images on our Flickr account, I get various request to clarify the approach of capturing screens. I wrote a uncomplicated guide for applying the Android app Screenshot, however it calls for root access. For anyone who is in search of a no cost, quick to utilize strategy that works on most operating systems, installing the Android SDK(software program development kit) may be the technique to go.

"crop image no root screenshot"As we know it is actually attainable to obtain your android iphone to be installed with a variety of non- market place and third party applications only if the device is rooted, this can be as a result of the super user access. But rooting your iphone also results in some risky circumstances, as we know rooting voids warranty and when rooting your iphone the process may perhaps brick your iphone if not followed in a right manner.

But for anyone who is user thinking not to root your iphone, but nonetheless you’d like to utilize the screen shots function on your iphone, here may be the resolution.

In this tutorial I’ll walk you by way of the actions to obtain screen shots on your iphone, with no accessing the root of one’s iphone.


1. Download the SDK for your PC.

2. Open the downloaded .exe file and get started its installation, If in case among the installation process if it prompts for JAVA/ JDK file, just download exactly the same that is necessary for this android kit installation.

3. When you happen to be performed using the JAVA/JDK file installation, you may open the file you downloaded inside the initially step, and this time I do not feel there must be any sort of interruption from on account of the JDK file availability on your PC.

4. When performed using the android SDK pack installation, click on finish and assure that, open SDK selection is checked on to ensure that it automatically opens the tool.

5. Now continue with accepting all package download with SDK manager, which automatically installs and updates your device drivers.

6. Now turn on the USB debugging on your iphone; This is usually performed by going to                   SETTINGS>>APPLICATIONS>>DEVELOPMENT>>select USB debugging.

7. Now connect your iphone via USB cable for your PC.

8. When you connect the windows automatically installs the ADB drivers.

9. Assure that your device is detected on the PC. If the above actions does not function for you iphone,, you could also do this manually. For this go to; google search and search for the crucial words by typing your device name with crucial word ADB drivers, download and install it for your laptop.

10. When you have got installed; connect your iphone, go to My computer>>C drive>> program files>>Android>>android sdk>>tools.

11. Now appear for a file named ‘DDMS’ open it, and in that you simply must have the ability to obtain the serial number of one’s iphone.

12. Now click and pick you device (serial number), now click on screen capture inside the DEVICE menu, inside the above tool bar.

13. When you click, it’s best to have the ability to screen display of one’s iphone on your PC monitor.

14. Check the screen on your iphone and PC, and if which is not related, click on refresh selection to obtain related screen on your PC.

15. You might must refresh just about every time, you alter the screen on your iphone to obtain exactly the same screen on the PC display.

16. And immediately after you refresh the screen you may go ahead and get the screen snap of the display, to obtain screen snap of the display CLICK on SAVE selection, which captures the screen display of one’s iphone.

17. You may also copy the screen display towards the clip board after which open it working with paint, for this selection CLICK on COPY tab. Or else save the screen shot to a certain destination folder wherever you desire with SAVE tab selection.

18. That is it when you save you may go towards the saved folder and have a look at the picture or the screen shot you captured.

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