Top 5 Best Android Lockscreen Replacement Apps

Android phone comes with his own built in screen lock, but default screen lock have not good features and options.

Every Android device comes with inbuilt lock screen, but offers limited features and functionality. If you don’t like the lock screen that is included with your Android device and looking for an option to the default lock screen then you’ve come to the right place.

The lockscreens are meant for glance-able information and it’s great to have a lockscreen, which lets you see the relevant info or get the work done even without unlocking the phone. While Android L brings interactive notifications around the lockscreen, we are still sometime from its release. So, Here are the top five lockscreen apps you should use on your Android smartphone.

Lock Screen Apps For Android

Lock Screen Apps For Android

CM Locker

A simple but elegant offering, CM locker doesn’t offer a lot of features however i will be damned if it doesn’t look great. This lockscreen replacement learns regarding your commonly used apps intelligently after which provides you with quick access to them. Notifications will also be there and you can quickly preview incoming alerts on the lock screen. Real-time weather information is also present non-intrusively under the clock. You can also handle things like messages and missed calls in the notifications center. As you can see, there is a major focus on keep things simple but beautiful.

GO Locker

GO Locker is a superb lockscreen replacement app, which brings good looks together with functionality. GO Locker learns of your stuff and brings your apps on the lockscreen based on your usage. There’s capability to check notifications right from your homescreen. The GO Locker also brings you quick toggles to system settings. If you’re worried about your privacy owing to notifications on the lockscreen, you can lock the unit from waking up by the lock button.

Moreover, there are a plethora of cool looking themes readily available for GO Locker and most of them are surely stunning.

Locker Master

Probably probably the most fancy offerings of this post. There are tons of different themes that can constantly and quickly provide different looks for the interface, keeping things interesting all the time. The designs are unique and there are beautiful effects in all of them.

So far as features go, Locker Master includes a sidebar on the right that can provides you with quick access to your favorite apps along with a “Magic Box Icon” which contains tools for managing such things as your data, GPS, volume, Bluetooth, WiFi and more. It can also handle notifications from third-party apps, including social networking and other popular apps. Additionally, it comes with a variety of power consumption modes therefore it can use minimal resources while still maintaining great functionality.

Cover Lock Screen (beta)

Cover Lock Screen (beta)

Cover Lock Screen (beta)

Cover Lock Screen app is one of the few contextual lockscreen apps for Android. While there are many launchers that bring you info according to your location and time, you will find very few lockscreen apps that do the same and something of them is Cover. Cover teaches you the right apps on your lockscreen just in the right time. There’s a cool ability to peek into those apps in the lockscreen. It is also a great lockscreen app for your multitaskers out there. Cover makes switching between multiple apps a breeze.

Cover Lock Screen also lets you customize the apps you want on your work or when you’re in a vehicle and more. You can also choose wallpapers according to your location and time. Even though the app is in beta, it’s still a really smart offering.

SlideLock Locker

SlideLock Locker is for users who wish to interact with their notifications instantly. The app is highly customizable and you may swipe a notification to the left to dismiss in order to the right to open the app. You may also use custom settings for every app. You can choose sound and vibrate settings for various apps. There’s custom status bar and you may swipe right to unlock and swipe to left post the camera. SlideLock Locker wakes up your screen for any very short duration whenever a notification arrives to let you check out it.

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