Top 5 Best Dating Apps for iPhone & Android

These are some of the most popular android dating apps that are free to download and use.

These free dating apps are immensely popular with smartphone users, and are both iPhone dating apps and android dating apps. It’s no question the substantial amount of people which use dating services, and now with the immense interest in the smartphone, the number of mobile apps for dating services is somewhat overwhelming. In addition to dating apps for your mobile, but well before any of this there was online dating services provided by newspapers and television programs. First, we switch on the TV and get bombarded with advertisements for commercials for “Christian Mingle”, “”, and “Ok Cupid”, all promising exactly the same results- meet your future wife/husband/partner here- no strings attached! But who wants to spend hours on the pc searching for potential partners? Not only do many of these services assign membership fees, they are able to also be inconvenient and time-consuming.

Top 5 Best Dating Apps for iPhone & Android

Top 5 Best Dating Apps for iPhone & Android

To provide you with an idea how cool and useful some free dating apps are, we’ve collected the top 5 free dating apps available for Android and iOS users. Listed here are they:

How About We

This is one of the coolest free dating apps on the market today that is available for Android and iOs users. It’s much like Twitter because it allows you to post statuses so that you can let people know how you feel or what you believe at the moment. By getting the premium version, you are able to send and receive messages using their company users especially those that you would want to go out on a date with. It might be based on subscription but the great thing is that you actually have the option to decide on the type of date that you want.


This free mobile app for iOS and android users is an of the less creepy mobile apps we’ve seen. First, there are two separate communities for teens and adults, there will be no age discrepancies or worries to be courted by a potential partner 20 years your junior. It’s also great the decision is 100% in your court if you would like to make contact with someone or react to someone who has contacted you. What Skout does is locate people for you based on where you are and interests, and you can determine if you would like to connect. This could mean linking up in the same concert downtown, your preferred local bar, or even a walking tour in Rome. The ball is within your court, and fate might have it your very match might be exactly where you are! For the strong believers in fate, this may be the app for you.


It is simple to find someone nearby using MiuMeet in your iOs device. It also has several features that make first conversations more smoothly. You will not have to worry so much about how to begin a chat it simply provides conversation starters for you personally. No awkward moments for you personally!

Swoon Dating App

Swoon Dating App


Similar to Bang with Friends, this mobile app uses Facebook like a platform so users can meet other people online. It is easily among the coolest free dating apps for Android since it is user friendly. You can check out other people you have mutual friends with and select them as potential date when they think of you that way too you will then be notified about the match. It’s quite simple.


This iPhone and android app can be compared to Tinder, where you browse through images of locals singles, flirt online, and talk to people you’re interested in dating. Zoosk will come in 25 different languages and 80 countries, as well as alerts you when people have an interest or have viewed your online profile. It’s quick, easy, and free, and there’s not really much to Zoosk- which should be why it’s so widely popular. Many people only have their age, general location, name and profile picture, however if you simply do want to buff your profile- that comes at a cost. You can buy Zoosk coins via PayPal or perhaps a bank transfer from your cell phone or get yourself a membership to send gifts with other members, find out if someone has read your messages or profiles, or contact someone. To tell the truth, this app is really more for social media, than for dating and compatibility.

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