Top 5 Free Real Estate Apps for Android Phones

Real Estate Apps can save time and are highly useful. Android users can find compatible real estate apps for all types of devices.

The following is the top five most popular free Android real estate applications at the Android Market website. Real estate apps for Android are those types of apps which are used by people to either search for real estate properties in their desired locations or publish their own properties on different platforms so that probable buyers can buy or enquire about these properties.

Real Estate Apps for Android Phones

Real Estate Apps for Android Phones

One category of real estate apps are those where different sellers come together and give ads of their properties whereas another category is that where particular real estate companies design their own platform to attract customers.

So if you are someone who is interested in buying or seller real estate, you too can download such apps on your Android device and make the process much easier. Finding customers or finding properties of your desired location, price and specifications has never been this easy!

Below is a list of 5 awesome real estate android apps that can help you keep track of customized searches and the properties in your area that you would like to see.


Zillow is a multi-use platform, mainly used for property search. With a number of robust search filters and extra features (mortgage calculators, access to “hidden” inventory, property estimates), the site offers a good overview of the real estate market and available properties. Many listings include MLS numbers in order to facilitate your search.

Google Voice

Google Voice went public 3 months ago and since many agents have been getting signed up and using Google as their main business number. If you want to learn more how to get your Google voice number, here are the Google Voice tutorial videos. Place calls and send text messages showing your Google number directly from this native app on your Android phone. Listen to voicemail and read transcripts. NEW: Two homescreen widgets for quick access to GV features.

Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator is a easy-to-use tool that helps you understand the repayment requirements a mortgage will require. Mortgage Calculator factors in a number of important parameters to provide the most accurate results, and tells you what your monthly or bi-weekly mortgage payments will be as well as your future payoff date.

Smarter Agent

The most comprehensive app of its kind on the market, the Dictionary of Real Estate Terms provides a convenient and user-friendly reference tool that will be as invaluable to real estate professionals as it is for current and prospective home buyers.


Trulia’s mobile app for Android is available on Google Play or directly on the company website. The app is compatible with smartphones and tablets. The top-rated real estate app lets users keep track of homes via search while on the go. The GPS features allows users to search and locate homes for rent or sale, open houses or recently sold homes that are local to the user. Other features include swipe through high-res photo galleries and more.

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