Top 5 Free Social Music Apps for Android Users

There are many fabulous apps and services that help you share your favorite music with not just your friends but the whole world as well.

Music is something people love to share. Be it that amazing song you heard around the radio or that classic which has been stuck in your head for years, sharing songs with someone is an experience. Within the good ol’ days of music, people accustomed to share vinyl records and cassettes. Then over time by, CDs became a common stock in each and every music lover’s household. Music fanatics would create special mixtapes for their friends or their lovers and gift them. Those gifts, you’ll agree, were a lot better than any other material gifts. Needless to say, sharing your favorite music with your friends and lovers is really a tradition that isn’t going to die in the near future.

Top 5 Free Social Music Apps for Android Users

Top 5 Free Social Music Apps for Android Users

Contrary to popular beliefs, the iTunes era hasn’t really dampened the spirit of social music. There are many fabulous apps and services which help you share your favorite music without just your friends but the whole world as well. Moreover, these applications also allow you to discover new music along the way, thus making all of your listening experience much better. So, should you own an Android app, the following social music applications will surely come in handy.


Shazam may be the music recognition engine that identifies a few of the popular tracks being played anywhere with low ambient noise. Users may even hum the song tune and also the app will surprise you by identifying the exact track. Once the track is identified, users can explore the various versions, watch videos of the track on YouTube and even buy the track from Google Play and Amazon Store.

LyricPlay can be used along with the songs to sing combined with the tracks. The app also offers a homescreen widget for quick access.


Enjoy free unlimited music streaming through this app and browse through the large library of songs – Bollywood, English as well as regional. The app offers over thousands of playlists that have top songs listed to savor uninterrupted music. Users can set those playlists or songs as their favourite and also share the facts over the social networks.

Radio Mode allows the user to build an automatic radio station to stream similar type of songs. While the basic app shows some ads, it’s possible to subscribe to the Gaana+ to download the songs and listen to the music in higher quality.


Soundwave is a great application that lets you share your whole listening history with your friends and also the world. It’s basically a totally free application that sits quietly in your Android device. Once you install it, it will start tracking the music that you play on your phone. Using the tracked plays, Soundwave creates a listening profile for you so that other people can discover what your own music taste is like. It’s much like but has a lot more socially oriented features built in. One really cool feature about Soundwave is it tracks music from your Spotify and Rdio account, something which fails at doing. There are lots of more cool features like listening to playlists of people nearby and filters that allow you to choose what appears in your playlist. Overall, it is a great app if you are an audiophile who loves to discover audio.

Spotify Music Android Apps

Spotify Music Android Apps


Spotify is a hugely popular music streaming service. Hailed because the Netflix of music, its ability to let users enjoy their music on all platforms makes Spotify a true rockstar. What is more special about Spotify, though, is it allows you to share your playlists using the world. Whether you want to post your playlist in your blog or send it to a person via email, Spotify lets you do that with such ease that you’ll be surprised. The app brings all of the goodness of the service in your Android device.


Rithm brings a brand new twist to your listening experience. Once installed, it enables you to share your favorite songs with your friends. With a simple interface, Rithm enables you to pick any song of your liking. Then, you can add either a video, photo or an animated character to the song and send it for your friends via the app. This will make sure that the song you’re sending for your friend has a little personal touch together with it. Apart from sending music for your friends, you can even share songs on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Although it doesn’t quite pack the entire features of staple messaging apps, it will offer something new to audiophiles who’re looking for new ways to share their music.

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