Top 5 Speed Booster App for Android Phones

One really good app in this article, which helps boost the speed of Android smartphones, is DU Speed Booster, which has a wide range of features.

Android Booster is a top-rated mobile phone optimization app that can help millions of users speed up their Android phones, reclaim memory, save battery, kill tasks & completely uninstall unwanted apps.

Look no further because we’ve just got the right applications to tuneup and turbo charge your phone instantly. Android phones and tablets work underneath the same principle as desktop computers and notebooks which have a processor and RAM. And, as with every other electronic device, they also experience failures. You can experience problems like a full RAM or a slow processor. Luckily, there are tons of applications to help you accelerate your phone. Here are some of the greatest speed booster apps for Android.

Top 5 Speed Booster App for Android Phones

Top 5 Speed Booster App for Android Phones

1Tap Cleaner

One of the best ways to boost your phone’s speed is as simple as cleaning it of unnecessary clutter, and just what better way to do it than through a cache cleaner. 1Tap Cleaner is really a free cache cleaner that clears storage space from your Android devices. The app functions by freeing storage space by removing temporary files left by applications. You are able to manually clean your phone’s cache files for selected apps or clear all the files in one sweep. The app also displays the total size of storage space you have left, making it simpler for you to analyze if your phone needs cleaning or not.

1Tap Cleaner also supports automatic mode, wherein the app will clean unwanted files in a set time. The free version lets you clean your caches with an interval of three days or every week. More choices are unlocked available in the full version.


The accelerator teaches you the current running processes, and also the apps that auto-start. For rooted phones, you are able to freeze the app manager and release memory in the device. The process manager shows how much memory is free of charge and how many processes have to be cleared in order to free more memory. The number of slow down issues are displayed, and also the “Accelerate” button can speed up your device in a single tap.

Android Assistant

There is nothing better than through an assistant with you and along with Android Assistant, rest assured your phone will stay in tip-top shape. Android Assistant offers a wide variety of tools and utilities that can help boost your phone. The app can help you with monitoring your phone’s status, clean and manage your device, and revel in one-click speed boosting for your phone.

Around the app’s main screen you can find three tabs, namely the monitor, process, and tools. Each tab features its own specific functions. In the monitor tab, you’ll see your system information and status, such as that for CPU, battery, memory, and so on. There is also a Quick Boost button which will automatically kill all the pre-selected apps and releases system resources on your phone.

Trash Cleaner

The trash cleaner section shows you what number of trash files, apps, residual system files, compressed files, and much more are present in your phone’s internal storage as well as in its SD card. The Cache cleaner inside it cleans the trash left by apps and you can choose to either remove the cache for individual apps, or for all apps at once.

Gemini App Manager

Gemini App Manager

In the Residual cleaner, you can see the rest of the system trash files and also the app trash files. Swiping any of them gives you the option to either fix it or see more details.

Gemini App Manager

Gemini App Manager is a great tool for managing all of your Android applications. As with most managing applications, Gemini App Manager doesn’t need you to have a rooted device. When compared with similar apps like Phone2SD and SD2Phone, Gemini separates itself in the pack by offering batch moving of applications.

Not only is the app an application manager, additionally, it functions as a task killer quite much like Android Assistant’s process manager. You are able to selectively kill running applications without anyone’s knowledge and Gemini can kill just one app or kill all apps to provide your phone that memory boost it needs. The app only offers basic functionality but allowing you to manage your applications in batches is a great way to free some space inside your phone’s internal storage. The app also includes a widget that you can download separately.

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