Top 7 Awesome Call Forwarding Apps for Android

On Android, there are a couple of different ways that you can forward calls, including the ability to forward missed call information to an email address.

If you frequently switch SIM cards on your phone, you should consider utilizing a call forwarder app. What a call forwarder app does is forward all of the calls from your old device towards the new one. So whether you have changed your telephone number or the phone itself with a new SIM card, you will still receive calls which were for your old number. While there might be a number of apps that help you forward calls with an Android phone, here we have chosen some of the best ones for you.

Call Forwarding App?

The only real task of this app would be to forward all the calls out of your old SIM or device towards the new one. If you have changed your phone or its number, you will still receive calls from your old number with no problems. Perhaps, there are many apps that can help you forward calls simply. These apps have helped me a lot!

Simple Call Forwarding

Simple Call Forwarding

So while its a difficult one to pick anyone that is better on its service! To create your search easy we have some hand selected best ones for you. These android apps are listed as per the popularity and upon the users reviews.

Simple Call Forwarding

Simple Call Forwarding is really a Call Forwarding Apps for android. it like widget in your android phone, so that you can instantly activate and deactivate the phone call forwarding in one Click. it provide support for those standard call forwarding like instantly forward all incoming calls without ringing first. it automatically Setup configuration on first use of the widget, after that you can customize the setting as per your requirement by opening the applying from the launcher.

RedirectCall-call forwarding

RedirectCall make it easy call forwarding by activating and deactivating the features. no matter if you are using the android widget or starting the applying from the home screen. just enter your Phone number and choose the delay for activating the phone call forwarding.

Last Call Forward

Last Call Forward enable you to forward all your calls to another phone when your battery is discharged. it constantly monitor your phone battery level, and when it drops below the defined level, it’ll forward all of your calls to another phone. it’s a perfect call forwarding apps for individuals, who constantly forget to charge their phone.

Remote Call Forward

Remote Call Forward is really a one of the best Android call forwarding apps where you can remotely forward all your calls and messages to the phone you selected by sending an easy text message from any phone for your android smartphone. Once you get your phone back simply click a button to cancel the phone call and/or text forwarding.



Quick Forward Sprint

Quick Forward Sprint is really a 1 touch call forwarding apps for Sprint android Phones to forward all of your phones calls and messages to your home, office or any other phones. just type your Phone number in to forward to in the QuickForward applcation. Produce a shortcut and a click on the icon activates call forwarding and again click the icon turns off the call forwarding. Now provide support for additional then 3 custom profiles and allow you to create custom reputation for each profile.


With QuickCallForward, you can manage all your call forward, whenever you don’t want to/can’t carry your phone along with you or you will have no signal where you stand going. it has 3 different kind of home screen widgets such as activation, cancellation or toggle and simple to create multiple call forward locations for example Home, Office and any other place and assign these to any or all of four call forwarding types – Each and every call, When Call Busy, If you find No Answer and When Phone Number unreachable.

Call and SMS Forwarding Lite

Call and SMS Forwarding Lite is really a free version of Call and SMS Forwarding premium where you can forward all your Calls and SMS for your multiple Emails accounts. All that you should do just enter your Gmail account to make use of this application. With Lite version you are able to only forward calls or SMS.

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