Top 7 Best Android Apps Launched In December 2015

Looking for the best Android apps december 2015? Our round-up of the best apps for Android includes the best productivity apps, best Profile Photos apps, best lifestyle apps and many more.

In this festive month you need to create a festive mood in your phone by updating your smart phone with the latest Android apps in this holiday. Determining the best app to download from the Google Play Store and installing it in your smart phone has been made easier by viewing our top 7 list of the best apps of December month. Our lists contains the apps from all the categories making it well versed with information. Here are the top 7 apps that should not miss in your smart phone of December month.

Best Android Apps of December 2015

Best Android Apps of December 2015

Squarespace Commerce

This could be an invaluable tool for businesses especially if they already have Squarespace intergrated into their systems. The app lets manage inventory and respond to customer issues on the go, and you can also make sure that any order you need to fulfill using the built in barcode scanner.

(Free) X-mas Go Launcher

As the Christmas Eve approaches it is a high time you really need to create that mode in your phone using the X-mas Go Launcher. It has got a perfect interface that renders a high quality graphics for your phone to display the icons and wall papers in your Android smart-phone. This app is downloaded for free in the Google Play Store. Having an average rating of 4.0 and over 500 reviews so far it is of no doubt in appearing on top of our list.

Cardboard Camera

If you own a Google Cardboard VR headset or one that was based on the design, this app is for you. It lets you take VR photos which you can later view with the Cardboard headset for some truly awesome images. There’s not much to it, simply install, take pictures, pop your phone in Cardboard and check them out in virtual reality.

Flag Profile Photos

This amazing app allow you to create an overlapping flag photo of any country on top of your profile pictures in your phone. This app is very simple to use all you have to do is to go to the photo gallery of your phone and select the photo that you want to place in the flag. You will then select the flag of your choice and merge it together with the photo.

Swiftkey Symbols

Swiftkey already provides one of the best keyboard apps available on Android, and now they have one aimed at assisting those who are non-verbal and have special needs. It lets users communicate easier and quicker with specialized hand-drawn symbol images, and just like the regular Swiftkey keyboard it learns from the user to gain more accuracy over time.

Flag Profile Photos

Flag Profile Photos

ASUS Themes

It seems like more and more OEMs are coming up with ways for users to customize their devices by adding their own unique themes options, and ASUS is the latest to join the pack with a specialized app to theme your ASUS smartphone. The app is simple enough to use. Just open it up, scroll and find a theme you want and hit the “apply” button to skin your device with a new look.

Transparent Screen Wallpaper

This is one of the latest and highly rated apps for your phone in this 2nd week of December. This app uses your rear camera to create a background wallpaper that is transparent. It is one of the simple apps to use and all you have to do is to set the live mode to make it live and going. This app is downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

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