Top 7 Best Free Android Apps of June 2014

Android provides many apps choices for every need, You can find a lot of android device apps of june 2014.

Life is all good and especially when you learn about the vast growth of technological worldthus as soon as you get to know about the best Android Apps of June 2014, you’ll be all smiles on your face. Everyone wants simplicity while carrying out any activity. This is even more common amongst Android users in which you and I want easy navigation and use of our phones. Android Apps thereby outlines various simple navigation Apps which are all new and have been updated.

Here would be the top 7 Android apps you should definitely check out in the month of June.

Top 7 Best Free Android Apps of June 2014

Top 7 Best Free Android Apps of June 2014

Top 7 Best Free Android Apps of June 2014

Android provides many apps choices for every need, You can find a lot of android device apps of june 2014.

Smart IR Remote

This app turns your Android smartphone right into a universal remote that controls any gadget which receives InfraRed commands just like your TV, Set Top Box (cable and satellite box), DVD, BluRay player, VCR, Amplifier, Air Conditioner, AV Receiver, DSLR camera, etc. Additionally, design of the app can be customized – you could have the buttons to your set top box, television and your music system in a single view.

Phogy 3D

There are a lot of 3D photography apps available but the problem is that none of them live up to the hype. But, Phogy 3D is one 3D photography app worth looking at. All you need to do is to move the digital camera towards the right while aiming at the subject and shoot. And there you have a 3D shot that may even be used as a screensaver or wallpaper. The app also lets users create sharable GIFs .


Should you identify yourself as a proactive social media user, than Everypost is for you. Everypost enables you to post the same things across different social networking platforms. For example – if you wish to update your status on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and wish the post to be the same, Everypost will post the same status update on all three sites.


StumbleUpon is a neat and well-organized free app which brings its users the most appropriate content. Just tell the app your requirements (music, technology and fashion etc) and it’ll take care of the rest. The app riffles with the best content available and brings an ideal mix of photos, videos, entertaining articles, quotes, images, memes and travel tips. The app also probes your social media activities in order to refine its search.


Sidebar Plus Apps For Android

Sidebar Plus Apps For Android

If you are not regular at updating your address books inside your phone, then just let it rest up to Addappt. The app looks after a track of all the contacts a person has on the phone and updates them automatically if any person updates or changes details. The app also syncs contacts with Facebook and Gmail making the updates much more precise.

Sidebar Plus

Having sidebars on the home-screen is definitely a wise move as it keeps the most famous features of the phone just a touch away. And, the Sidebar app gives you a plethora of options of sidebars that can be customized.


If you are into sharing lots of music with friends, the PingTune app will let you share it like you were chatting on Whatsapp. You are able to send full-length audios and videos for your friends and can even have different messaging threads. This app also keeps a tab on the source from where a user is sharing the information, for example – YouTube and Sound cloud.

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