Top 7 Best GIF Creator Apps for Android and iPhone

These Gif Creator apps, other than creating short animation images, usually provide some default animations and let you share the animation to social networks instantly.

Nowdays GIF’s become very popular specially if you’re a Google+ user. The one of the big advantage of Google+ is it allows users to place GIF’s. In Facebook it is not easy to put GIFs because whenever you are trying to do it will shows a still image. Because of Google which gave this plus feature. GIFs are ideal for quick & instant humour. But are you aware that you can make your own GIFs with the help of your Android smartphone. In this androidxiphone post we’re sharing the top 7 Android apps to create gifs.

Best GIF Creator Apps for Android

Best GIF Creator Apps for Android


The reason why we put GifBoom on the first page in our top 5 Android apps to create gifs list because GifBoom is among the most popular website outside that is specially known for making GIFs. With the aid of this app you can create GIFs with your camera or images from gallery. This allows you to make up to 60 second long GIF which is the best feature because other apps doesn’t allows to produce such lengthy GIFs. You will find ample of features which you’ll surely like. It allows you to definitely customize & create your Gifs making use of your camera or your own stuff. One thing which you will not like its review because many users aren’t happy with this app because it have quite bugs. But since it is a free app there is no injury to download & try this app.

Fixie GIF Camera

This is one you may be looking for it enables the user to make gif from running video. It comes with some extra features like adding text & stickers. This can be great app for creative users as if you who want to create some unique stuff. Like above it arrives with some bugs but may be you don’t wish to miss this app.

GIF Camera

It’s more like above given app. It lets you allow to create your own GIFs making use of your videos, you can also record a short video to create GIFs. It will not give you the perfect same result as web editor but it’s worth trying app because it is one of the most popular high rated GIF app.

GIF Creator

It will actually do what it name says. You may make GIFs upto 30 seconds with your photos & videos. You can also make ongoing GIFs while shooting the recording. With the help of this app you are able to submit your creation & also see other creations.

Magic GIF Camera

Magic GIF Camera

Magic GIF Camera

The main language of this application is Chinese and some parts and buttons from the app have been translated to English, however it i s not hard to utilize the app. Compare to the Fixie, this app provides additional control over your GIF animation image by giving the option to select image size, quantity of photos to join (18, 21, 24), remove a few of the taken photos, change the speed, and apply some cool effects.


Although similar to a GIF, a Cinemagram photo is really a “stunning hybrid between photo and video.” You are able to animate small sections of your photo, like a hand waving or the pages of the book turning. While the remaining photo stands still, just the portion of your choice is animated with movement. Cinmegram happens to be available for iPhone only.


Loopcam includes a great, easy to use interface that lets you create animated GIFs quickly, even if you’re on the go. If you want lots of areas of your photo to move, Loopcam is most likely a better alternative to something like Cinemagram. View your GIF library in grid form and simply share them to social networking sites. Loocamp can be obtained for iPhone only at this time.

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