Top 7 Useful And Free Android Wear Apps For 2015

Android Wear is a brand new platform which means it can be difficult to find the essential applications. Here is an early list of the best Android Wear apps.

While the Google Android Wear and its manufacturers are on the rise, so are the numerous app developers flocking towards it for establishing themselves as early developers for this newly emerging platform. If you have managed to get your hands on one of the earliest versions of these devices or planning to get one soon, here is a list of the best 7 free apps for your Google Android Wear device.


Android Wear Apps For 2015Android Wear Apps For 2015

Android Wear Apps For 2015

InstaWeather is one of the comprehensive weather management app for your Android Wear if you care about the meteorology more often. This app comes with different multiple watch faces and it provides key details like 24 hour weather forecast, satellite view and hour-by-hour weather forecast. The app also has the ability to provide instant notifications about a snowfall or rain heading towards your direction and the distance details along with it. The power saving mode makes sure that you are not draining your watch’s battery while growing more keen on the weather around you.


Turning your Android Wear watch into a running partner, the Runtastic app can help you stay fit and trim. Opening the app from the watch activates the program on your phone. You can begin and end workout sessions from your wrist and get a report on how you performed. The app will track distance covered, calories burned and your average pace. You’ll also be able to check today’s performance against your workout history. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to run with your phone, too.

The Guardian

Though The Guardian app works with Android Wear, you can’t actually scroll through various news articles on your wrist as if you were flicking through an actual newspaper (or browsing a website). You can, however, receive alerts whenever there’s some kind of breaking news that you should check out later. And unlike alerts you might get on your smartphone, you’ll definitely notice when big news breaks on your wrist.


Duolingo is a language learning application that you can use on your phone, tablet, and web to learn another language. It was among the first apps with Android Wear support. You won’t get the full experience but some peripheral things like flash cards are available. It’s a nice little language game you can play with yourself if you have a few minutes and really everyone should learn a second language. It’s good for your brain.


The popular iOS and Android application has also made its way to the Android Wear. IF by IFTTT (‘If This Than That’) has been named as the Google’s Top App for 2014 and it sure deserves its piece of credit by linking your updates and connections with a single simple statement. You can set to receive notifications directly to your Android Wear and this tool also lets you post updates to multiple networks at once. When your set recipes are triggered, certain other pre-defined action occurs like sending your GPS location to someone at the tapping of the screen three times in the event of an emergency.

Wear Tip Calculator

Wear Tip Calculator


If you are reluctant enough to get your phone out of your pocket upon receiving a Whatsapp notification, this app on your Android Wear is your best bet. The app showcases your received messages and also lets you reply to those through voice input. You would no longer be needing to dig into your pockets to remove your phone for reading your Whatsapp messages with this app for Android Wear.

Wear Tip Calculator

How embarrassing would it seem when you would need to find out the 12% of your bill for tipping precisely and furthermore you happen to be from a Math or Engineering background. Wear Tip calculator is a discreet alternative that lets you enter the total amount, the tip percentage and off you will be provided with the tip amount instantly. All this time, you would have made your friends believe that you were just fidgeting with your new watch.

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