Top 8 Best Android Apps of Month July 2016

As most of the smartphone users are Android now so today, I am going to discuss top Android apps of July 2016.

Android apps are nothing short of excellent support systems for us. But, in the vastly diversified Playstore, finding an app that suits your interest is really hard. Sometimes, we get good apps but on other days we have to uninstall thousands of apps to get to the one that is useful. If you too are scratching your head in search of some good android apps for july 2016, here is the list that might help.

Best Android Apps of July

Adult Swim Keyboard

The Adult Swim keyboard features a bunch of different fun features that lovers of TV shows like Rick and Morty and Robot Chicken will love. From the keyboard, you can add custom emoji which are designed from various characters, send gifs from popular scenes and send friends soundboard bites from your favorite characters.

Best Android Apps of July 2016

Best Android Apps of July 2016


Detour has finally brought their app to Android apps after being available on iOS for the last year. Detour is an app that gives you detailed tours of cities made by locals.


Tictures are a fun way to show emotion instead of traditional emojis. Share them through your favorite apps by clicking or long click to copy and paste them wherever you please! Add your favorites to your favorite list for quick access without digging through all the Tictures. This is one of the best android apps for this month.


For people who always have their thoughts and ideas cluttered together or face difficulty in presenting them and give important speeches, this app is nothing short of a miracle. Mapping your mind is important and this app does exactly that by providing a platform, where you can structure your thoughts, brainstorm on ideas, take notes, plan projects and much more.

BitTorrent Now

BitTorrent Now, from the people who made the popular torrenting software, is an app that allows you to experience music and video from underground artists youprobably haven’t heard about.    


Be it shopping, mobile recharges, movie vouchers, hotels or eating out at restaurants, this Android apps offers you best deals and cash backs on all of these. The cashback is saved in the Crownit wallet as Crowns and you can redeem them whenever there is any good offer. Try this app and let us know if you actually benefit from it.


Fringle makes it easy for you to share your location with friends and family. The location sharing is private and temporary. When someone asks “where are you?”, send them a Fringle.


Many a times, we find it difficult to concentrate on the work or think of creative ideas and listening to music sometimes doesn’t help. But, according to this app, research suggests that sounds similar to a coffee shop can increase your creativity. Hence this app, which recreates the ambient noise of a coffee shop so that you can work more efficiently. There is definitely no harm in trying this app.

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