Top 8 Best Android Apps Of September 2015

There are many apps available on play store which makes difficult to choose best android apps Of September 2015.

The world of technology has really changed and advanced in terms of innovation, inventiveness and technological levels. Therefore you are not supposed to be left out but embrace it by downloading the latest android apps for September month. There are several apps being developed every moment therefore it might be hectic to determine which one is the best but with our amazing list you will really enjoy having this top apps for this month. The top 8 android apps are the one having the top rating and best reviews. Here is our best list of Android Apps for September 2015 .

Android Apps for September 2015:

Android Apps for September 2015

Android Apps for September 2015


Gluru is described as a smart personal assistant for busy people, and if you feel that other personal assistant apps haven’t gotten the job done then Gluru may be a solution for you. It works as a cloud-based file manager that has the capability to deliver needed files like calendar events or documents at the precise moment you need them so you don’t have to go hunting them down in the file manager yourself, but you can use it that way if you wish.


If you’re a frequent traveler or you simply like to save money and get the prices when you do travel, Hopper is worth looking into. It helps you find the best prices on airfare and will alert you if it finds a better price, as well as notify you if it determines you’re already being shown the best deal and suggests you buy immediately to avoid price increases.

TUFFS Notification Shortcuts

If you value efficiency and like using shortcuts with your Android device, TUFFS is a tool which you might find invaluable. It places shortcuts to apps and system settings/apps in your pull down notification tray for quicker access. It’s also customizable and has a little bit of privacy control as you can disable the ability to see these shortcuts from the lock screen.

MX Player

For people who have been waiting to have or obtain a Video player which supports all video formats, this app then turns out to be the best . It is thus an app which tends to support all the given kind of the video format. It is also easy to use, has a very user friendly interface and also adds to the excitement of people as it tends to consume less power. What better than downloading this app in your phone in the upcoming month of September. You will not only enjoy music but also get some free and aided music.

Moto Body

If you own a Moto 360 and you’re wanting to track your activities and fitness stats, the Moto Body app is for you. It’ll track all your daily activities from calories burned to steps taken and plenty of stuff in between. You can also see your tracked heart activity, see stats on a weekly or monthly basis as well as look at trends, and the app can help you better reach your goals with tips and insights based on the data it receives through tracking.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has actually be around for a while but previously the application was in beta. Now it’s out for public consumption and with it comes better stability and a whole ton of features. For those who may not know, Khan Academy is an online learning site that helps you learn all kinds of skills and brush up on all kinds of knowledge. It syncs with the site so you can pick up where you left off effortlessly and it’s totally free to use.

Google Wallet Apps

Google Wallet Apps

Google Wallet

Last but not least is the new Google Wallet app. This is a completely new application separate from the old version (which actually transformed into Android Pay after the launch) and is now simply used for transferring money to other Wallet users. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it has a snazzy new interface.


Mirrativ is a unique application that allows you to capture whatever it is you’re doing on your Android device and then stream that to other people. Think of it like Periscope mixed with Twitch except it’s not limited to using just Twitter or playing games. It requires Android 5.0 to use it and it works reasonably well in most cases. However, do beware of those bugs because they do exist. Otherwise, this is pretty fun.

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