Top Ten Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy Mega

Samsung Galaxy Mega – bridges the gap between a tablet and smartphone with its stunning 6.3 and 5.8 inches screen.

Samsung’s Galaxy Mega range is to give users looking for a big-screened smartphone cheaper option, but in this example cheaper does not mean inferior. The 6.3 and 5.8-inch devices of smarts and there are a bunch of apps that will allow you to make the most out of Samsung’s high-quality, large screens. Here are a few of our favorites to get you started.

Top Ten Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy Mega

Top Ten Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy Mega

MX Player

MX Player app that will allow you to of all of your favorite high definition movies in your Galaxy Mega. It offers multi-core decoding to give you playback without stuttering or choppiness, and supports most file and subtitle formats too. a movie buff, you’ll want to swerve the default video app and provide this one a try, it’s .

ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is really a multitasking app, which combines manager, app manager, task killer and cloud storage . This app is particularly helpful for corporate and students, benefit from its synchronization with Google Drive, Dropbox .

Google Keep

Google Keep is an app quickly make notes or save information . The app can take voice notes, to-do lists and photos and you may color code your notes too, making it simpler to find them later. The best part is the fact that all your notes will be synced across your Google-powered devices.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is really a highly customizable performance driven, home screen replacement app, which fits on Android 4.0+ devices. With features like activities shortcut, color themes, icon themes, scrollable dock, scroll styles , it is a cool app on your Mega device.


Snapseed makes daily photographing experience extraordinary with fun features. , you can use it to enhance or help your digital images with numerous filters along with other editing options. Also, you to share your photos on social media sites. bored of Instagram, this is the app that you desire to use.


Locale is your personal assistant. It enables you to carry out a number of tasks based upon your daily routine and habits. For example, it puts your Galaxy Mega in silent and Wi-Fi mode you set foot in your office. All you need to do is to set automated tasks as ‘Situations’, which may be added to the main screen. The best part is you can make more than one situation active in a given time.

Easily Do

Here is a personal assistant app connect to Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo!Mail, LinkedIn and much more. Use it to check your emails, get reminders, weather alerts plus much more. Think of it as an app on a daily basis to take care of all of your important stuff and prep you during the day.


Telly is a social video platform that permits you to browse numerous popular videos on the internet. Alternately, it allows you to create and new videos on your own and shares them with others. The app connects for your inbuilt camera or Telly camera, using take videos, edit it utilizing an editing tool and share them.

HD Widgets

name suggests, HD Widgets consists of a lot more than 100 widgets. For instance, you will get widgets that show you the time, weather forecast, utility switches plus much more. The app is uncomplicated and simple to handle even for beginners.


Even though this app has been around for quite some time now, its popularity seem to fade. This is due to that allow users to share contact details with each other simply by “Bumping” their handsets together. However, devices must have inbuilt sensors for this purpose.

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